9 Oldest Amazing Things Ever Found

5,500-year-oldest leather shoe was found exceptionally well preserved—thanks to a surfeit of sheep dung—during a 2010 dig in an Armenian cave.

In 2006  Iranian archaeologists in "Burnt City" announced the unprecedented discovery of an 4,800 years Oldest Artificial eyeball,in this historic site.
Oldest Skirt (5,900 years old)

In 2012 American and Peruvian researchers found 6,700 years old Oldest Popcorn 

The oldest Purse 4500 year old ever found it seems to be very fashionable at the time. Archaeologist who uncovered more than a hundred dog teeth arranged close together, the teeth were likely decorated for the outer flap of a handbag.

World's oldest mattress Found in a Sibudu cave of South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Site over a period of 39,000 years old.

9000 years Oldest stone mask from the pre-ceramic neolithic period dates to 7,000 BC and is probably the oldest mask in the world.

A 2,700-year-old grave in China's Gobi Desert it was identified as the world's oldest marijuana stash Found in 2008.

 A 5,000-year-old piece of Neolithic chewing gum was found by a British archaeology student in Finland.


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