Hippo attacked the crocodile

Amazing Scotland's Garden of Cosmic Speculation

15 Unusual and Creative Cakes Art

Angry Birds Cake
iPad Cake
Plants vs. Zombies Cake
Xbox 360 Cake
LEGO Indiana Jones/Star Wars Cake

Impressionist Cake
Fast Food Cake
Super Mario Cake
Millennium Falcon Cake

Ms Pac-Man Cake
Boombox Cake
Leonardo Cake
Flintstones Cake
Harry Potter Cake

The World's Largest and Steepest Roller Coaster in Japan

If you plan to travel to Japan soon and you’re not among the faint of heart, you might want to visit the Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park that just added a very special new attraction: the world’s steepest roller coaster. The so-called Takabisha accelerates to 100 km/h, has a 43m drop and a 121-degree freefall.

The Japanese roller coaster beat the former record holder, the Le Timber Drop in France, which measures “just” 113.1 degrees.

Fuji Q Highland invested $37 million in the development of the Takabisha. One ride takes 112 seconds and costs $12.50.

Awesome Dinosaur Park in Poland

For many years Poland lacked a good theme park, now dinosaur parks are everywhere. The country’s first park devoted to dinosaurs opened in 2004 at Baltow in the Kamienna river valley. Apart from dozens of natural size figures of dinosaurs and other extinct animals, the park offers a fossil museum and a children’s playground.

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