Unusual and Creative Usage For Lots of Coins

Extraordinary usage for lots of coins - without glue or scaffolding. Just very carefully put one coin on another. A few hours a day months of practice and maybe you will be able to do something similar to these structures? Amazing physical law showed in a different way.

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Unusual and Creative Transparent House

On occasion of Milan Design Week Italian company Santambrogiomilano showcased the evolution of the Simplicity project, which in 2009 set itself an ambitious goal: architecture. Glass, the absolute protagonist, shapes the load bearing beams, floors, roofs and the colorless walls, the material principle justifies the conception of the whole habitat. The glass reflects the flash of the flame, the green of the vegetable garden, the pink of the seafood, the red of the cuts of meat. A meeting of transparencies that heightens the senses!

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The World's Unusual and Biggest Subwoofer

Sweet and Amazing Tattoo

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