World’s Most Amazing and Unusual Old-Time Typewriters

It is almost unbelievable how technology is changing fast our habits and the way how we live. Once, the good typewriter was a true fortune, it was also attractive toy and it was almost funny and interesting as computers are today.
For those kids who learned to write with their own hands only, typewriter and the way how they beautifully printed fonts on paper sheets was a true enigma.
Sadly, typewriters are almost forgotten today and they became part of history. Just ten or twenty years ago they were inevitable equipment of every office.

Maybe, in ten years or so, we are going to write something similar like this but only for computers :) until that time, you have a chance to watch a pretty nice collection of some of the most beautiful typewriters

Amazing Chinese man has the world’s largest man boobs

Chinese doctors claim to have discovered the biggest case of man boobs in the world after a dairy farmer turned up at a specialist chest clinic in Beijing.

Doctor Zhang Lilan at the Jinan Chest Hospital said: "The man is in every way male except for his enormous breasts.

"He is a farmer and says they are extremely uncomfortable as he has to do a lot of manual work and they get in the way of everything.

"He said it has also attracted a lot of attention in the village where he comes from with people turning up to point and laugh at him, so much so that he now has to wear a heavy coat to cover up his figure even in the hottest weather."

The man, Guo Feng, 53, said: "About 10 years ago my chest started to get larger but I didn't think much of it as I was putting on weight all over - but in the last few years it's become unbearable and I have been from one hospital to the other with nobody able to help me.

"I have spent all my money on examinations and tests and am still no nearer a solution - in fact my breasts are now bigger than ever.

"I sometimes think the doctors don't want to help me with this because they find me a medical curiosity."

He says if no one can help him he will cut them off himself and has appealed for doctors to do something before that.

But the doctors say they do not want to act until they have identified what the problem is.

Doctor Zhang Lilan added: "In 30 years of working as specialist here at the chest clinic I have never seen anything like it."

Clinic boss Gaoyong Hong added: "We wondered if he had eaten any poisons or contaminants but have found nothing after testing his blood. His genetic material is also normal. We did an Xray. It is not a cancer. It seems to be fatty tissue - at the most the best we can suggest is that it is the biggest case of man boobs ever."

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