10 Awesome and Beautiful Fountains

Beautiful fountains and creative fountain designs from all over the world.

Bellagio Fountains
Floating Fountains
Vortex Fountain
Fountain of Rings
Crown Fountain
Banpo Bridge Fountain
El Alamein Fountain
Dancing Fountain in Dubai
Fountain of Wealth

7 Awesome and Unusual Aquarium

Awesome and Beautiful Bathtub Designs

Unusual bathtubs and Beautiful bathtub designs from all over the world.

Laguna Pearl Wooden Bathtub

Inspired by the beauty of marine woods, dedicated yacht makers create glamorous wooden bathtubs that shine like jewels

Vascabarca Bathtub

Creative boat shaped bathtub by Antonio Lupi.

Teuco Sorgente Bathtub

Jaw-dropping Sorgente bathtubs straddle the line between extravagant cleanliness and modern art.

LTT Illuminated Bathtub

This illuminated, self standing, polyethylene bathtub is sure to add drama to your bathroom
Novellini Cristalli Glass Bathtub

A highly unusual material from which to construct a bath – glass gives a clean, minimalist look to the design.
Natural Bathtub
Royal A-512 Whirlpool Bathtub

Fully loaded massage bathtub, with air jet massage, water jet massage, heat pump, and a water-proof LCD monitor with remote.
Foster Bathtub

Modern bathtub designed by Norman Foster.

Jolie Glass Bathtub

Looking like a bright and beautiful glass of cool-aid, the Jolie bathtub is just ready for you to plunge into
Kali’-Art Bathtubs

Refined design, with great internal livability, distinguished for its contrasting materials and the futuristic purity of its lines.

Leggera Bathtub

Modern bathtub from Ceramica Flaminia designed by Gilda Borgnini.

Overflow Bathtubs

The new bathing experience with overflow bathtub from KÄSCH, feel the sensual pleasure while bathing in harmony with natural surrounding.

Mussel Shell Bathtub

Concrete bathtub from HighTech inspired by nature.

15 Awesome and Cool Business Card Designs

To be competitive in business, you’ve got to stand out – and there’s no better representation of your visual identity than your business card. While most are tucked into a wallet or desk drawer and quickly forgotten, others make people look twice, with designs that are funny, shocking or just incredibly unique. Here are 15 examples of amazing business cards that definitely leave a memorable impression.
Debt Recovery X-Ray Business Cards
Dept. of Energy Business ‘Cords’
Sprouting Garden Business Cards
Yuka Suzuki Hair Pins Business Cards
Razor Blade Business Cards
Headhunter Business Cards
Lock Picking Kit Business Cards
Stretch Rubber Personal Trainer Business Cards
Actual Size Pop-Up Business Cards
Structural Graphics Fax Machine Pop-Up Business Cards
Fashion Stylist Transparent Business Cards
Building Block Architecture Business Cards
We Love You(r Money) Business Cards
USB Business Cards
Brand Doctor Business Cards

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