The most unusual and Strange toilets

The 10 Awesome Copper Figures

The Long meditation process of the Serbian Artist Rade Prvulovic is a spiritual exercise. Eradicated rom the homeland and forced into the urban reality of Vicenza, the artist remembers the joyful rural armosphere brighened by vivid sun rays cast on the vegetation of the homeland before the tragedy.
These serene memories are populated by mysterious animals, heands, seen from different points of view, and authentic self-portraits that – again – recall a placid intospection.
Like figures in a longed harmony they conceal the inner frailty of the very breath that gave them life behind the strenght of their architectual sculpture. Within the twilight of his attic.
Rade Prvulovic’s artistic microcosm, he meticulosly proceeds to gill the skeletal suface of the peculiar figures…copper, metal, iron, and coins welded with a wrlding torch expland like dense magma, creating torn cloaks and rough skin. These apotropaic totems – reminders of ancestal tribal rites of simply witnesses to fatalistic events – have been left unfinished on purpose and plead with us to look inside them and call for a moment of deep meditation!
Bull Call
Bull Head
Horse Head
Strong Bull
With Glossed Backs

In Silence

Unusual Modified Bicycle Rides on Water

Homemade amphibious bike made from water bottles by Li Jin from China.

Eight giant water bottles serve as pontoons and the back wheel fitted with paddles propels the bicycle forward

Chariot Skates are unique devices that cross the boundaries between skating and cycling.
Large wheels allow you to gain and maintain momentum with less effort, achieve greater stability and skate over rougher terrain.

Unusual and Odd Houses

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