10 most dangerous countries For Travels

“We will have a border that is open for business, open for tourism, open for legitimate travellers; but is closed for terrorists and drug pushers and smugglers and others who seek to break the law.” Quite a reassuring statement by a prominent American diplomat Paul Cellucci, isn’t it? Travelling is a hassle free activity, provided you do not resemble any of the latter personality types. But what if ,you are planning to visit an exotic tourist destination and these latter personality types are already in business there? Kidnapping, murder, disease, rape, terrorism, accidents and theft cases are some of the worst travel tragedies. Every other day, there are travel advisories issued by the state government agencies so as to safeguard the interests of their respective citizens. These travel advisories provide fair deal of information weather to travel to the subjected country or not. Now if you are still confused which country is safe and which is not, here is a list of most dangerous countries to travel.

10) Israel- Visiting the holy land is generally considered to be safe. Still visitors are advised to exercise high degree of caution due to the ongoing terrorist activities.The probability of confrontation between Israeli military and some groups is quite high at any time. Avoid visiting places near to Gaza strip and West bank due to high level of terrorist threat.

9) India- This land of extremes is very fascinating and leaves a visitor awestruck. The locals are more than willing to help a foreigner in normal circumstances. However, some regions are very unsafe for female foreign travellers especially during the night. A number of rape cases or attempted ones were reported in places like Goa, New Delhi and Rajasthan, although these incidents are very rare. Avoid wearing clothes that expose the body.

8 ) Lebanon- Lebanon is probably the only country in the world where you can ski in the morning and can have sunbath at a beach in the afternoon. Lebanon has splendid scenic beauty and is by far one of the best nightlife tourist destinations. But like any country, certain regions of the country can be dangerous. Avoid visiting southern suburbs of Beirut, areas near Litani River and Bekaa valley. The terrorist groups are highly active and has inflicted various attacks on tourist places including Tripoli.

7) Zimbabwe- The great Victoria falls in Zimbabwe is truly one of the most spectacular sites. Ancient ruins of the Munhumutapa Empire and the eastern highlands further glorify this landlocked African country. The deteriorating economic condition is driving the criminal activity. Robbery, snatching and assaults on foreigners are pretty common on streets. Travellers are recommended to secure stuff like extra cash, jewellery, electronic goods and passport.

6) Brazil- This football crazy nation is a melting pot of the most diverse ethnic groups ever known. Brazil is a land of great diversity, lush green Amazon rain forests, exotic beaches, carnivals and a cuisine you will die for. Over the years, Brazil has witnessed remarkable economic growth but unfortunately is a perfect example of The Rich and the Poor Divide. This divide propelled the crime rate in the country giving rise to organized crime. There’s a fairly high chance of getting kidnapped and taken to a nearby ATM to pay your own ransom, especially during the carnivals. Drug and arms trade, corruption, prostitution, etc. You name the menace and its right there. Violent street crime is not unusual and you may find yourself in a back to back gang war.

5) South Africa- When you think of South Africa the first things coming to your mind is Nelson Mandela, National wildlife sanctuaries, adventure sports, hiking , great wines and last but not the least FIFA World Cup. Isn’t it? If you exercise caution, believe me this place will be a paradise destination. Crime in South Africa is a very genuine problem. It has been proclaimed as the rape capital of the world. Visitors are advised not to go for a stroll in the evenings or you might feel a knife pressing by your throat. And apart from it, HiV AIDS is highly prevalent, so it’s advisable to exercise restraint.

4) Algeria- DO NOT travels to Algeria unless you have to visit it for a very important business trip or you are a journalist. The recent history of this country is full of civil war stories which gave a subsequent rise to warlords. Terrorism, ambushes, fake road blockages are common instances. It’s highly advisable to check out the travel advisory by your country before visiting Algeria.

3) Pakistan- If you tell your mom about visiting Pakistan, she will probably faint right there. The kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl (Jewish American Journalist), the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the bombing of Marriot Hotel in Islamabad are few examples. Avoid social protests and public demonstrations as they often turn violent. Pakistan is a pretty hospitable country and probably the only one where you can find every type of geographical terrain. It’s a beautiful country with generous people, the only thing required is caution and a little bit of brains.

2) Colombia- Although intensity of violence is not the same as it used to be back in 1980’s, visiting Colombia is still a pretty dangerous business. Spectacular Andes mountain ranges, gorgeous women and some breathtaking landscapes are good enough reasons to travel to Colombia but you might want to take a glance at your country’s travel advisory before coming to a conclusion. The presence of paramilitary organizations, drug traffickers and armed guerrilla (FARC and ELN) pose a major threat to tourists. Kidnapping, extortion, robbery, murder, car bombings, drug trade etc are common in cities as well as rural areas .Visitors are advised not to visit troubled areas an exercise high caution while travelling.

1) Haiti- Haiti is small Caribbean country with amazing French African culture and cuisine. But if you are normally unsettled by a picture of extreme poverty or cannot withstand practices like witchcraft, Voodoo and black magic, I sincerely advice you not to visit Haiti. Haiti has a troubled past and to add to its woes, it was stuck by a major earthquake in January 2010 leave aside the list of devastating hurricanes and tropical storms in the past. Riots, civil unrest, escaped prisoners on the streets are a part of present scenario. The ongoing famine resulted in riots and looting. Car hijacking or fake roadblocks are everyday incidents. Without any doubt, Haiti is the most dangerous place to travel in current scenario.

7 Wonderful Transparent Animals in Nature

Nature is fascinating and often weird, it surprises us when we least expect. Some creatures use the camouflage techniques as a hunting and defense mechanism, others show everything they have - like transparent animals. Despite of what we are inclined to think, transparent and translucent animals live also on the ground, not only in the abyss of the ocean and we have visual proof of it. Nothing is photoshopped!

1. Transparent Frog

Umm, not so fast, prof… have you seen the “glass frog” (above), native to the Venezuelan rainforest? Like the transparent frogs selectively bred in the lab from generations of pale-skinned Japanese Brown Frogs, the Glass Frog’s internal organs and eggs can be seen without too much trouble. Word to Professor Sumida: take the grant money and run!

2. Transparent Cave Crayfish

Caves are some of the darkest places on the planet – even sophisticated light-gathering instruments are unable to register a single photon in the deepest, darkest caves. Under these conditions, creatures including fish, spiders, insects and crayfish have evolved into “troglobites”: animals so precisely adapted to living in darkness that they cannot survive outside cave environments. Under such conditions, neither eyes nor pigmentation are necessary.

3. Transparent Sea Cucumber

Slow moving, soft bodied bottom dwellers for the most part, Sea Cucumbers are an ancient lineage of sea creatures who have evolved a variety of ways to survive and thrive over hundreds of millions of years of evolution. For some Sea Cucumbers, being transparent allows them to fly
under the radar, as it were, of predators in search of a quick & easy kill.

4. Transparent Icefish

Fund in the cold waters around Antarctica and southern South America, the crocodile icefish (Channichthyidae) feed on krill, copepods, and other fish. Their blood is transparent because they have no hemoglobin and/or only defunct erythrocytes. Their metabolism relies only on the oxygen dissolved in the liquid blood, which is believed to be absorbed directly through the skin from the water. This works because water can dissolve the most oxygen when it is coldest.

5. Transparent Amphipod

Called Phronima, this unusual animal is one of the many strange species recently found on an expedition to a deep-sea mountain range in the North Atlantic. In an ironic strategy for survival, this tiny shrimplike creature shows everything it has, inside and out, in an attempt to disappear.

6. Transparent Squid

Found on the southern hemisphere’s oceans, the Glass Squid (Teuthowenia pellucida) has light organs on its eyes and possesses the ability to roll into a ball, like an aquatic hedgehog.

7. Transparent Siphonophores

Siphonophores belong to the Cnidaria, a group of animals that includes the corals, hydroids, and true jellyfish. Marrus orthocanna, a deep sea siphonophore. The combined digestive and circulatory system is red; all other parts are transparent.

12 Unusual and Wonderful Refrigerators

The most unique and innovative refrigerator designs from all over the world.

Transparent Refrigerator

Unique fridge from Japan allows you to see what is stored inside.

Drawer Refrigerator

Norcool fridge lets you organize and cool your food inside drawers.

Beer Tap Refrigerator

This awesome fridge comes with built-in draught beer dispenser.

Outdoor Party Fridge

Perfect refrigerator for your backyard and swimming pool parties.

Car Refrigerator

Modern fridge designed to fit underneath the armrest in the backseat.

Collapsible Refrigerator

In order to save energy, the size of the fridge is optimized according to the amount of food you have inside.

Glass Door Refrigerator

Over-and-under refrigerator / freezer with glass door from Sub-Zero.

R2-D2 Fridge

Creative refrigerator manufactured for Star Wars contest in Japan.

Touchscreen Refrigerator

Samsung Zipel fridge comes with WiFi and a touchscreen display that enables consumers to check the latest news and weather forecast.

Egg Refrigerator

Google branded egg shaped fridge promotes cooler thinking.

USB Mini Fridge

USB powered refrigerator will cool your beverage on your desk.

Stackable Refrigerator

Innovative fridge designed by Stefan Buchberger allows each member of your family to have their own refrigerator space.

30 Really Wonderful Four Seasons Wallpapers

Seasons always the gift of God, from the deep of a heart of human it changes very often, if you are happy your heart feels like spring or enjoying the winter snow fall or the other end if u feels lonely you feels like autumn or feels like hot summer, well that was just about human heart felts but every season has its own benefits and we always need them, here we collect some beautiful wallpapers, hope these awesome wallpapers make your heart more happy than ever before…


8 Incredible Collection of Spring Wallpapers


6 Beautiful Collection of Autumn Wallpapers


7 Wonderful Collection of Summer Wallpapers


9 Awesome Collection of winter Wallpapers

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