Amazing Daredevil rides a cluster of balloons for 100 miles 18,000 feet above Mexico

American daredevil Jonathan Trappe took these stunning images as he flew a cluster of balloon 18,000 feet above Mexico.

The adventurer, who made history by floating over the English Channel dangling from balloons in May, did his latest stunt to celebrate the Mexican bicentennial.

He took off in the craft made up of the Mexican flag colours while at the Festival International Del Globo 2010 earlier this month.
American daredevil Jonathan Trappe prepares for take off in his homemade balloon contraption
He controlled his altitude by releasing air in his durable high performance balloons

Trappe, 37, controlled his altitude by releasing air in his durbable high performance balloons, reaching speeds of 18-50 mph.

Jonathan and his ten ground support crew travelled an astonishing 100 miles from Leon to Colorado in Mexico.

He captured these stunning images from a balloon-mounted camera as he made the journey.

Dressed in protective sunglasses and a pair of bluejeans, Trappe called the journey 'outstanding' and said he was 'wonderfully inspired' by his trip.
Uplifting experience: Daredevil Trappe's airborne adventure evoked scenes from Pixar's 2009 film Up (film still above)
Trappe was so high he took oxygen with him on the flight to deal with the altitude
He had ten ground support members to help him in his high-flying endeavor



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