The Tallest Abandoned and Unusual Structures on Earth

Today, we’re going to do some urban exploring as we’re searching for the tallest abandoned structures around the world. We’re going to visit Russia, North Korea, the US and Poland on our quest for the rustiest. Once found, we’re going to climb the towers and buildings so make sure you leave your vertigo behind…
1. Ostankino Tower, Moscow – 540 m (1772 ft)

2. Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea – 105 floors, 330 m (1,100 ft)

3. Mystery Tower, somewhere in Russia – around 300 m (1,000 ft)

4. PacBell Building, San Francisco – 26 floors, 133 m (435 ft)

5. Gliwice Radio Tower, Poland – 118 m (385 ft)

6. Broderick Tower, Detroit – 35 floors, 113m (369 ft)


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