25 Amazing, Beautiful Animal/Bird Photographs

Don’t you just love animals? Their cute faces and adorable habits are enough to cheer even the gloomiest of souls. Some people are lucky enough to capture some animals in the act: elegant, beautiful, and adorable. This is a list of such photographs.

1. I’m Looking At You!
This cat looks just like me!
2. Taking Off
A mountain caracara taking off. Stunning
3. Migraine!
Iz having headache!
4. Collective Flight
Thousands of birds, flying together.
5. Together, forever

6. Sharkin’
You don’t want to get on the wrong side of this shark!
7. Gazing
8. Forever
Brilliant. This is my favourite
9. Deer, Oh Deer
10. Squirrel

Cuddly, fat squirrel
11. The Need For Speed
Run, dawg, run!
12. Lookin’ Foxy
You’re lookin’ foxy today, fox! ;
13. Chimp In Thought
Whatcha thinking, chimp?
14. Hide n Seek
I can see you!
15. The King

His majesty.

16. Wise Eyes
The Great Grey Owl. Look at those eyes!
17. Butterfly

Perched ever so delicately…
18. Cheetah

Elegant, beautiful.
19. Giant

The giant and the dwarf…
20. Thinking, Wondering

Lost in thought.
21. Where Is Thee Looking

A mangabey monkey. Adorable.
22. No. 296

Don’t call me No. 296!
23. A Hard Day’s Work…

Tired, are ya?
24. Nutting Away

A prized possession.
25. Into the Light

The lighting is awe-inspiring…


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