10 Amazing Sculptures Made From Recycled Clothing

Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz turns discarded clothes into mind-blowing sculptures.
In the words of the artists, “Our work is based on a combination of traditional disciplines and experimentation with dimension and the use of unconventional materials. It is inspired by an essential familiarity with the ready-made and the archeological qualities that found objects posses.”

14 Wonderful Steampunk Creations

Amazing creations inspired by the Steampunk sub-genre of science fiction.

Steampunk Monitor

Beautiful computer monitor comes with two useful drawers.

Steampunk Gun

Cool weapon made out of plastic, paint, and other Steampunkery.

Steampunk Flash Drive

USB flash drive with 2GB of storage handcrafted out of copper.

Steampunk Car

Stream Trunk Industries created Steampunk themed Rat Rod car.

Steampunk Bike

Recumbent bicycle constructed from scratch by Alan and Eric.

Steampunk Ring

Steampunk jewelry perfect for cosplay made by Catherinette Rings.

Steampunk Glasses

Stylish pair of glasses designed for lovers of Steampunk fashion.

Steampunk iPhone Dock

Hand sculpted iRetrofone by Scott Freeland fuses art with function.

Steampunk iPhone Case

Beautiful case for the Apple iPhone was handmade from real wood.

Steampunk Lamp

One of a kind lamp created from solid cast brass and glass.

Steampunk Abe Lincoln Costume

Unique Abraham Lincoln inspired costume made for DragonCon.

Steampunk Gameboy

Creative skin for Nintendo’s 8-bit handheld video game system.

Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet

Cool helmet combines the worlds of Star Wars and Steampunk Art.

10 Unusual Coffee Table Ever made

Coffee tables are no longer just pieces of good wood and a glass top any more. They have now transformed themselves to the centers of entertainment and activity far greater than being a place you put coffee and snacks out for the guests!

Periodic Coffee Table

This $8,550 Periodic Coffee Table has everything a science fanatic could ask for, including the actual elements (even the toxic ones) encased in a thick layer of resin to ensure safety. link

Scratch DJ coffee table

The Scratch DJ coffee table features a distressed image of a pair of turntables and a mixer under its glass top. As an added bonus, you can customize it by placing your favorite records on top of each platter. Too bad it won’t actually play your music. It’s available for $850 (USD).

Home Arcade Coffee Table

Half MAME cabinet, half pretentious furniture, this new coffee table by Surface Tension mixes worlds to adultize your gaming habit.
Available in walnut or oak, the table features a 19-inch LCD, integrated USB and HDMI outputs.For those who already have a PC of their own to stick inside, the table is a available gutted of its computer components but still packing all of the joysticks and handy ports. In this bare bones configuration, the table runs about $4,000.
Engine Block Coffee Table.

Poor white trash: engine block out in front yard as lawn ornament. Rich white trash: engine block inside as coffee table.
Rubik’s Cube Coffee Table

If you’re looking for a unusual coffee table, and can stand having a lot of strong colors in your living room, then you might want to check out this strange Rubik’s cube coffee table that can be yours for $600.

Alien coffee table

This Alien coffee table is a really strange piece furniture. Inspired by the well known movie Alien. The Alien Table is skillfully hand crafted from carefully selected used car and bike parts, tools and other recycled metal components making each individual piece subtly unique.

Indoor Football: The Fussball Coffee Table

The Offside Football Coffee Table, built to order by Howard Bushell in Worcestershire, England, offers a good compromise: a fussball table that looks pretty stylish, combined with acoffee table that plays football
The sturdy oak and stainless steel takes cues from stadium architecture, and the glass top will keep the mirrored pitch clean and stop wayward balls from toppling the Ming. The only problem is convincing your better half that it’s wise to spend £3800 ($7500) on a piece of furniture.

Real Moss Table

Thai home furniture company Ayodhya’s Secret Garden Collection is bringing nature indoors – without the effort and attention that traditional, live plants require. Each table consists of various types of dried moss beneath a transparent glass tabletop; no watering necessary.

PS3 Controller Coffee Table

For PS3 fanatics; a coffee table inspired by the design of the Sony controller. Designed by Stephane Perruchon. Its still a concept but I won’t be surprised if it goes into production soon enough!

iPhone Coffee Table

Unusual and Wonderful Shopping Bags

The most creative and unique shopping bag designs from all over the world.

Lipton Shopping Bag

Cool shopping bag designed to look like Lipton Clear Green tea bag.

Volkswagen Bag

These clever shopping bags were given out during the Paris Motor Show.

Burka Shopping Bag

Unique shopping bag designed for P Magazine shows life through Burka.

Meralco Shopping Bags

Awesome shopping bags designed for Meralco electricity supplier.

Blush Shopping Bag

Shopping bag designed for Blush lingerie store in Berlin, Germany.

Max Factor Eye Bag

Creative shopping bags designed to promote Max Factor mascara.

ReVital Shopping Bag

Unusual shopping bag designed by Antje Gerwien for ReVital.

Dastoff Shopping Bag

Slimming Bag

To illustrate the slimming benefits of GNC BURN 60, these memorable shopping bags were given out to customers.

Tom of Finland Shopping Bag

Muse Hair Bags

Panadol Bag

Shopping bag designed to promote pain reliever and fever reducer tablets.

Kong Shoe Bag

Handles of Kong’s shopping bags also play the role of shoelaces

Strange Puffer Fish

Puffer fish are generally believed to be the second–most poisonous vertebrate in the world, after the Golden Poison Frog. The skin and certain internal organs of many tetraodontidae are highly toxic to humans, but nevertheless the meat of some species is considered a delicacy in both Japan (as fugu) and Korea (as bok-uh). If one is caught while fishing, it is recommended that thick gloves are worn to avoid poisoning and getting bitten when removing the hook.
The puffers's unique and distinctive natural defenses are a compensation for their particular form of locomotion. Puffers use a combination of pectoral, dorsal, anal, and caudal fins for propulsion that make them highly maneuverable but very slow, and therefore comparatively easy targets for predators. As a defense mechanism, puffers have the ability to inflate rapidly, filling their extremely elastic stomachs with water (or air when outside the water) until they are almost spherical in shape. Thus, a hungry predator stalking the puffers may suddenly find itself facing what seems to be a much larger fish and pause, giving the puffers an opportunity to retreat to safety.

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