Snow blankets Herat

The heaviest snowfall for decades has blanketed western Asia. Qadir Assemy sent these pictures of icy conditions in Herat, western Afghanistan.


Mechanics help mend cars stranded in the snow. Picture: Qadir Assemy
Mechanics on the streets of Herat have been kept busy in the freeze. Many vehicles, particularly those with diesel engines, simply gave up on the road.


A truck breaks down outside the eye hospital. Picture: Qadir Assemy
Trucks were particularly hard hit by the weather conditions. Qadir Assemy says snow brings out community spirit in Herat and people stop to help each other on the road

Herat International Five Star Hotel. Picture: Qadir Assemy
Many parts of the city have been eerily quiet in the wake of the snowfall.

Mobile phone top-up card seller Picture: Qadir Assemy
Few have dared to venture outside but it's business as usual for a mobile phone top-up card seller camped in the middle of the road.
The flurry has covered parts of the region which haven't seen snow in living memory.


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